Virtual Stylist Services

Struggling with what to wear? Need some inspiration and advice? Well look no further – I will be your virtual personal fashion stylist!

You can expect a high quality service no matter which package you choose. (But obviously the more you spend the more you get) I always aim to go above and beyond for all of my clients. Communication is key and I make it my priority to understand your likes, dislikes and goals. I have a special consultation form in support of each package and we will be in contact with each other during the creation of your package choice.

Not only will you look fabulous but I want you to FEEL fabulous. Every look I provide is carefully curated to suit YOU. Fashion isn’t only about how you look, its about how you feel in your look

Pssst…Each package can also be based off of the budget / price-range that you provide me.

You can find my contact form at the bottom of the page.

£45 – Basic Package: One ‘fit Wonder

What’s Included:

  • Lookbook of x1 fully complete outfit
  • Restyling advice

I will put together and style one complete outfit for any occasion. I will showcase your bespoke outfit idea, with product links and description. You will also receive suggestions on how you can restyle elements of the outfit further.

£90 – Standard Package: Elevate Your Look

What’s Included:

  • Lookbook of x7 fully complete outfits
  • Restyling advice

I will put together and style seven complete outfits for any occasion. This will consist of a carefully curated look book that will contains outfit ideas, with product links and descriptions. I will also provide further suggestions on how you can restyle elements of the outfit further.

£125 – Refresh Package: Virtual Closet Cleanse

What’s Included:

  • A one-on-one video call
  • Wardrobe consultation
  • Distinguish what you should keep or donate in your wardrobe
  • Discover what might be missing from your clothing collection

Have a one-on-one video call with me where we discuss all things wardrobe related (well what’s in your wardrobe not actual wardrobes). What works, what doesn’t, why it doesn’t and what’s missing. Detoxify your closet and shed all that unnecessary clothing – trust me, it will be like a weight off your shoulders.

£165 – Style Formula Package

What’s Included:

  • Share with me what you already have in your wardrobe
  • Get outfit forumlas based off of what you own
  • I will create a guide that will show you different ways of wearing certain pieces in your wardrobe
  • I will also offer recommendations of additional items that might be useful to add to your wardrobe

How often do you look at your wardrobe and see nothing to wear? I know all to well how easy it is to feel this way. But in reality we have so much! By sharing with me what pieces you currently have in your wardrobe I will get able to create outfit formulas based off of what you own. Sometimes a fresh new perspective is all you need. This means that you will have a set of ready made, fool proof outfit ideas that you will be able to recreate at the drop of a hat. I will also show you new and interesting ways of styling certain pieces in your wardrobe.

£185 – Style Development Package

What’s Included:

  • Learn about how you see your style with our style diaries exercise
  • Style board
  • Let me help define your style based on your personality, profession, lifestyle and what truly reflects who you are.
  • Discover how to achieve a look that matches your life and style goals
  • Learn what’s missing from your closet.
  • Distinguish what pieces are best for your body type.
  • Product recommendations that suit you and your needs.
  • Shopping tips, tricks and recommendations

I will create a personal ‘Style Development Book’ tailored to YOU. Through learning your perceptions about how you dress in day to day life, your style goals, your personality and much more we can identify how you are able to achieve a look that reflects the real you. This personalised guide book will give you confidence in what direction to steer your style to suit your needs and end goals.

£395 – The Capsule Wardrobe! Package

What’s Included:

  • Capsule wardrobe product guide book (size based on budget)
    • A cohesive collection of clothing ideas
    • Product links
  • Advice on how to style your capsule wardrobe
  • Lookbook of outfit ideas based off your capsule wardrobe
  • Style advice on what suits you
  • Outfit inspiration guide
  • Learn how to develop your capsule wardrobe so you can always create your dream look
    • Brand recommendations
    • Advice on what to look for

I will create a ebook for your ideal capsule wardrobe that is tailored to you and your style needs. It will contain a relevant, up to date collection of clothing pieces. And everything you need to know about your capsule wardrobe recommendations from product links, styling tips, outfit inspirations and advice. I will also teach you how you can further develop your wardrobe on your own so you can always look your best!

£395 – The ICONIC Refurb Package!

  • I will create a complete e-book guide for your new wardrobe (based on your budget)
    • Icon worthy clothing ideas
    • Product links
  • Style mood board
  • Advice on how to dress like your favourite style inspo whilst wearing what suits you
  • Learn how to adapt your new style for different occasions
  • Look book of outfit ideas based on your new wardrobe
  • Learn how to continue to develop your new style
    • Shop recommendations
    • Tips on what to look for and what to avoid

Sometimes we are simply just not where we want to be. The ICONIC Refurb Package does what it says on the tin – it gives your wardrobe a total refurb (that will be iconic)! If your outfits make you feel like a Jane Doe when you want to be Brigitte Bardot then this is the package for you. I will give you a complete fashion overhaul and show you how to emulate the style you’ve always dreamed of. Soon enough you will be the style inspiration!

Get In Touch!

If any of these packages interest you (even just a little bit) then get in touch! I would love to have a chat to see what we can do to breath new life into your closet. Just simply fill in the form below to register you interest…

Disclaimer: All my packages are part of my virtual styling service. I don’t purchase any clothing items for you, I make product recommendations.

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