How To Style Long Socks

Yes! How to style long socks! The sock trend is making a comeback and we are starting to see it emerge this season. I honestly don’t remember wearing long socks since it was a trend back at school when everyone rocked over the knee socks, side fringes, listened to the xx and obsessed over the Twilight Saga. But this time it will be better, I promise.

This time picture yourself wearing sheer knee high socks, the iconic Prada boots (the ones with the little side pouch) and a blazer dress cinched at the waist with a matching belt. So. Much. Better.

The best thing about these socks is that you can style them for any occasion whether you want to dress up or if it’s for everyday wear. If you want your outfit to be more dressy opt for the sheer knee high socks because the wooly knee high socks can be quite casual. I think the sheer fabric makes them more versatile and appropriate for a wider variety of situations rather than if they were wooly.

If you want to add another dimension to your outfit check consider wearing patterned socks – keep them sheer black though for ease of styling!

So keep on scrolling to see all my styling ideas for long socks…

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How To Style Long Socks…

1. Utility

I just love the whole utility tech vibe of this outfit. From the slender shades, tailored skirt and jacket to the gold jewelry and buckle belt – it just works. This monochrome outfit it the perfect way to easily style these black sheer knee highs. In particular when styling these socks they tend to work better with a brogue type shoe like Bella wears, boots or loafers.

how to style long socks - sheer knee high socks - bella hadid

2. Smart Safari

Pair your socks with patent ankle boots and a safari green blazer coord. In fact any sort of blazer action makes a great outfit with these socks. Keep the the look structured by wearing it with a boxy or a really functional looking bag.

how to style long socks - sheer knee high socks -

3. Leather Coord

If the weather permits wear your socks with a leather skirt and jacket coord and a simple crop top, else pop on a turtle neck or even a jumper! Either way it will still look fab. I think what is key to styling these knee high socks is to keep your outfit quite tough. Simple and edgy pieces work so well in these looks.

how to style long socks - sheer knee high socks -

4. A Little Bit Feminine

However saying that you can still style a more feminine outfit around these socks. Focus on softer colours like this cream knit jumper and tennis skirt.

how to style long socks - sheer knee high socks - over the knee socks

5. 90s Baby

This fun 90s inspired outfit is a little bit grungy chic. Dress down a strappy dress by wearing it with some comfy docs and tailored leather blazer. I love this ruched banana bag it really reminds me of one of the Bottega Venetta bags.

6. It’s Sweater Weather

A cute and comfy look that can easily be styled with cute and comfy look that can easily by styled with basic items in your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright colours when wearing basics. A great tip is to stick to one pop of colour and keep everything else more neutral. This gorgeous beaded statement bag really finishes off the look.

Would you wear any of these looks? Let me know if you prefer the picture inspiration for the outfit ideas (like looks 1-4) or do you prefer to see it when I create the outfits (like looks 5-6)?


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-Lisa xoxo

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