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Is Black Friday Bad For The World?

Slashed prices, sales galore, insane deals – how is Black Friday bad? We get to shop to our hearts content and ‘save’ a ton of money in the process. We can stock up of everything we need that we otherwise might not be able to afford. Like how could this be bad? Right?…

That short term rush of happiness and endorphins we get from shopping is amazing. We know the feeling all too well. However Black Friday has a dark side that isn’t talked about enough and let’s face it, ignored.

Our obsession with consuming is out of control. This drive for sales and profits creates systems in place that are causing serious harm. A Finder survey states that american adults are expected to spend over 148.5 billion dollars this year on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The average spend being $664.77. This is crazy! And up $285 million from 2019.

The undeniable issue is that this is so friggin’ damaging for our environment.

The Impact Of Black Friday

What You Buy

When it’s technology, clothing, toys even furniture. Most of this stuff people only tend to keep for a season or two before replaced – this causes sooo much waste. Electronic waste is one of the fastest growing forms on waste currently on the planet. It’s honestly no surprise with the amount of updates companies such as Apple have on their phones etc. and the fact some people buy each new update. They are not made to last. A lot of tech waste is very toxic and not disposed of properly meaning these toxins are leaking into our environment and further damaging it.

The UN states that there is 50 million tonnes of electronic waste a year (this weighs more that all the commercial planes ever made) – only 20% of this is properly recycled.


Most products you order will be wrapped in layers of unnecessary plastic packaging. Plastic which is often not disposed of properly and which we can already see the affects of damaging our planet. Many studies now are showing how so much of our water (even drinking water) contain plastic particles. Animals can get injured too.


In addition to this we have all of the product returns for unwanted items. This again leads to additional waste and pollution.


Many companies now outsource products (or parts of them) as part of their production process. So many practices and working conditions are not regulated strictly enough. Leading to unfair wages, dangerous working conditions and mistreatment. Apple actually recently lobbied congress to weaken a bill that aimed to ban the use of Chinese slaves to make iPhones. >Is Black Friday adding extra pressure to people in these conditions and essentially worsening them?

And this is only a few of the issues Black Friday raises. I really think we should try and be more conscious about our shopping habits. Every little really does help. But is that realistic today?

What do you think?

-Lisa xoxo

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