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20 Funny Christmas Ornaments Amazon Has Right Now

I know we all like those really pretty winter wonderland, pine cone forest type decorations but I know there’s room on that tree for one unique bauble. I found 20 of the best funny Christmas ornaments Amazon has to offer because it’s important to have a laugh around the holiday season.

Whether you like slap stick comedy or a subtle reference to your favourite show, you will be able to find something on Amazon to suit you. I tried to find funny Christmas baubles that would be suitable to everyone.

I must say, I love unique ornaments. When I went to Disneyland I got an amazing Mickey Mouse bauble and ever since then I have wanted to create a whole Disney themed tree full of fun decorations. But that would be quite an expensive venture so for now I will settle for just one or two Christmas ornaments that express a certain level of individuality.

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20 funny christmas ornaments amazon has right now

20 Funny Christmas Ornaments Amazon Has Right Now…

1. Beard Baubles

The tree isn’t the only thing you can hang baubles on. If you have a beard, why not accessorise with this stylish set of decorations. Perfect for bringing out that festive Christmas spirit on a cold winters day.

2. Pet Bulldog Ornament

Get a bauble that looks like your pet. This bulldog one is quite good!

3. Donald Trump Funny Ornament

Let Trump compliment your profession with these funny novelty baubles. Here are just a few of the options they have available…

4. Mini Monster

Looking for a cute yet funny bauble?

5. Santa’s Lies

A fun play on the reality of Father Christmas.

6. Let’s Get Baked Gingerbread Man

A little reminder to have plenty of those gingerbread men on Christmas day?

7. The One Where We Were Quarantined

8. Happy Holidaydaze

I wonder how long it would take people to notice you have your tree decorated with these little leaves?

9. Holiday Workout

One of my fav workouts tbh.

10. Merry Christmas

I couldn’t leave it out – it’s a classic.

11. How Snowflakes Are Really Made

This farting snowman is one of my favourites so far!

12. Magical Unicorn

This derpy magical unicorn lets off a sweet surprise when you squeeze it.

13. Rick and Morty

You can’t go wrong with this iconic duo. PICKLE RICK!!!

14. Traditional ‘I Believe In Wine’

Do you?

15. Merman

If you’re experiencing a warm Christmas then these hunky mermen are perfect.

16. The Grinch

He won’t steal my Christmas!

17. Sushi

Is it possible to love sushi too much?

18. Naughtie Elf

I hear there’s a full moon this Christmas.

19. Big Foot

I’m sure I saw him out there somewhere…

20. WOW?

How about a fun bauble in honor of one of your favourite games?

Which ornament is your favourite?

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-Lisa xoxo

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