early 2000s velvet tracksuit

Noughties Comeback? The Early 2000s Velvet Tracksuit

Love it or hate it, the early 2000s velvet tracksuit is iconic to the noughties. It’s the marmite decade. I for one think it can be quite cool when done right, but when done wrong it can be terrible.

As fashion has evolved as a result of this year, I would say that the resurgence of velour tracksuits is probably a by product of this situation. As we look to experiment and explore comfy day wear in a way that most of us probably haven’t done before, the popularity of lounge wear and tracksuits is ever increasing.

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early 2000s velvet tracksuit

Is This Early 2000s Velvet Tracksuit Making It’s Comeback?

Where It All Started

Back in the day when we would shop at Juicy Couture or Pineapple studios, the velour tracksuit was made popular by celebrities such as Brittany Spears, Paris and J Lo. They were the epitome of a leisurely and lavish lifestyle. But they fell from grace and were soon labeled as tacky and trashy.

early 2000s velvet tracksuits

Who’s Bringing It Back?

Skims has new velvet tracksuits which were recently sported by Kim K and Paris Hilton. Major brands are also jumping on the band wagon such as Off-White and Burberry. High street brands like ASOS and PLT are offering up their take on this cult classic. Not to mention the classic Juicy Couture. Celebrities such as Jeffery Star and Bella Hadid have been spotted wearing this growing trend.

early 2000s velvet tracksuit

How To Wear Velvet Tracksuits Now?

In essence how to style velvet tracksuits is pretty simple – since if you wear the full two piece you basically have an outfit. I would definitely recommend wearing trainers but apart from that accessorise as you choose.

Some of my favourite tracksuit outfits are those that pay homage to the era. Such as pairing tinted shades with a stylish handbag and cute jewellery.

early 2000s velvet tracksuit

Affordable Early 2000s Inspired Velvet Tracksuits

What do you think of this noughties comeback – would you wear it?

-Lisa xoxo

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