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Why There Should Be More Companies Like Lucy And Yak

Honestly I hadn’t heard about Lucy and Yak until recently whilst watching one of Harmony Nice’s YouTube videos. She was talking about some dungarees she bought there and how she has several pairs. And I’d love a nice pair of dungarees so I thought I would check it out, and OMG WHY can’t more companies be like Lucy and Yak?!

companies like lucy and yak stores

Why There Should Be More Companies Like Lucy And Yak…

Who Are Lucy And Yak?

Lucy and Yak is a sustainable clothing brand based in the UK. They are both online and have some stores scattered around. Lucy and Yak have a great story. It all began when the two founders quit their jobs to go travelling and made extra cash to get by from spending hours sewing and selling tobacco pouches made from old clothes to other travelers.

When they came back to the UK they began selling clothes out of the back of their van (which they named ‘Yak’ btw) to sustain themselves. Realising they had an eye for fashion they decided they wanted to pursue this and find a manufacturer to help them produce more clothes. Hence they went travelling and eventually found the perfect place based in India. It really took off from there, from selling clothes on Depop to launching their website, Lucy and Yak only continues to grow.

Keep reading to discover what Lucy and Yak are about and why I think more companies should be like them:

1. They pay living wage

It is so good when a company doesn’t try and getaway with paying its employees as little as possible. Lucy and Yak pay the UK living wage to their employees – no minimum wage over here! I really think companies shouldn’t be allowed to pay minimum wage. A company paying minimum wage shows how little they care about you, think about it – one penny less and it would be illegal! CRIMINAL! People don’t deserve that, we deserve to be able to afford to live. We shouldn’t have to get worked to the bone for tuppence. So Lucy and Yak, I really commend you for this!

2. They Care About The People Who Make Their Clothes

Lucy and Yak have this lovely section on their website where you can see who made your clothes. It adds a lovely personal touch to each piece and tells you a little bit about each person who works are their manufacturing facility.

They are very transparent about the factories where they get their clothes from. This sort of honesty is admirable and I think more companies should follow their example because it creates accountability. An accountability that will result in safer working conditions and better wages. It will help protect more people from exploitation.

3. They Use Organic and Recycled Fabrics

All fabrics used are either natural and organic like cotton or hemp, or if they are polyester / man-made then they must be recycled with a valid GRS (global recycled standard) stamp.

We are noticing more and more sustainable brands popping up and more current brands are making moves in order to become more sustainable. However sustainability is a big issue many companies face and I would like to see a lot of companies take further steps to becoming sustainable.

We have to look after and respect the planet we live on. We might not see the effects but we have to be consider of the generations that will inhabit the planet in the future.

4. They Are All Inclusive

They are inclusive to EVERYONE. And are taking steps to further ensure inclusivity such as through sizing and putting together an advisory panel of people to enable discussion on diversity, inclusivity, race, gender, size inclusivity, and ethics and sustainability. I think having an open minded panel specifically dedicated to this is a great idea and I look forward to seeing how ideas evolve from this.

Many brands are becoming more inclusive but I it would be great to see more active action in how they plan to continue to become more inclusive and learn about it.

companies like lucy and yak stores

You can really see that Lucy and Yak are making a conscious effort to be a good company. I think that it is great how accessible it is on their website to read more about what actions they are taking to be the best they can be. A lot of companies tend not to focus on this aspect so it often can come off as more of an after thought – but definitely not here!

I would love to here if you have any companies with a great ethos that you admire – let me know in the comments below:

P.S. This is not sponsored, I just think their a great brand and wanted to share!

-Lisa xoxo

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