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Into The Wild: How To Wear Zebra Flares

I think we might be going into a period where the average person is becoming more adventurous and rebellious with their fashion. Hence I’m offering up some advice on how to wear zebra flares. In response to this tumultuous time we are living in, our inner animal is being released and zero f*cks are being given. When our lives are beginning to feel more constrained with each passing day, fashion is the one thing we can actually take hold of and control. So why not rebel a little to the establishment through what you choose to wear?

I have decided to focus on styling zebra print flares. ‘A’, because flares are making a big come back (which I am totally here for) and ‘B’ because there is something nice about zebra print, it’s just fresh and perfect for rocking that moody monochrome vibe.

Keep reading to discover the best 3 different ways to wear zebra flares.

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Some of my favourite zebra flares are these Motel ones. I’ve also found some great pairs on Amazon…

How To Wear Zebra Flares…

1. With Leather

As you may know I LOVE a good trench coat – especially leather ones! You can’t go wrong with wearing black with zebra flares. So for an easy to wear everyday, grungy look pair a long black trench with chunky leather boots and a simple black top. Keep it simple because we want the funky trousers to be the star of the show so accessorise with a mini black shoulder bag and simple jewellery.

how to wear zebra flares

You can find some amazing leather trench coats on Amazon:

Chunky boots are so trendy at the moment it is easy to find an amazing pair.

One Shoulder Crop Top – BooHoo

2. A Pop Of Colour

There is something about green with zebra print that is just so right. Wear a cute green vest with some hoops and your favourite trainers for a 90s inspired look. This is the perfect fit for a fun night out or for during the day paired with a faux fur trim jacket.

3. Comfy Casual

When you are wearing something that might be a little bit out of your comfort zone a great tip is to make sure that you actually feel comfy. So that means trainers and a hoodie / sweatshirt. And if you are feeling brave, even match it with a zebra bucket hat!

Would you wear zebra flares?

-Lisa xoxo

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