How Can You Make An Outfit Less Basic? 5 Easy Steps

How can you make an outfit less basic? But before we start, what does basic even mean?

Urban Dictionary defines basic as being ‘only interested in things mainstream, popular or trending. I am using this word to mean normal, ordinary, plain – something not really interesting. So how do we make our wardrobe more ‘less basic’? We want what we wear to be a reflection of who we are and this can be hard especially since majority of people probably get most of their clothes from the same range of shops. But it is easier than you think to tweak your wardrobe so it expressed the real you and it won’t break the bank! Keep reading to see how you can make an outfit less basic…

how to make an outfit less basic

How Can You Make An Outfit Less Basic…

1. Thrift

how to make an outfit less basic

If you are looking to find unique pieces to wear then definitely take a trip to a vintage or charity shop. Here you can unearth amazing finds that most people won’t have, which will instantly make your outfit more interesting. Look up local thrift stores near you and shop around. With this kind of thing it can often be luck of the draw on whether they have something you like because stock (especially with charity shops) depends on what’s donated.

One of the best things about shopping in charity/thrift is that you can find high quality pieces for a fraction of the price – I’m talking a whole outfit for under a fiver! Vintage shops tend to be a bit more pricey, but if you have the budget you will find great items to elevate you wardrobe and style from the land of basic. Another great reason to thrift is because it is much more sustainable than fast fashion because you are giving old clothes, that otherwise might have been thrown away, another lease of life. Always make sure you donate any old clothes you have – never throw them away!

2. Layer Up

how to make an outfit less basic

An easy way to ‘unbasic’ an outfit is to layer up. This is a particularly good method to use during the colder more wintery months. Easily done, just layer lighter pieces of clothing together to add more personality to an outfit. Some of my favourite combos included wearing a t-shirt under a more summery dress, or a turtle neck under a jumper. Really experiment with this because there are so many different new outfits you can create from doing this.

3. Hair

how to make an outfit less basic

A great way of making your outfit a little less basic is to not even focus on the outfit, but your hair. There are countless new hairstyle ideas for all hair types out there and you can find plenty of easy tutorials either on YouTube or Pinterest. Whether you want to embrace your natural hair texture or do a fancy up do, how you choose to style your hair will influence the vibe that your entire look gives off. This is a particularly good factor to consider when you have to wear a uniform and can’t change what you wear.

4. Accessorise!

how to make an outfit less basic

By focusing on how you accessorise it is an easy way to add dimension to an outfit. My favourite way to add a bit of my personality to my outfits is with earrings and shoes. I love a pair of gold hoops and some drool worthy trainers or stompy boots. For me, shoes can really make or break an outfit so I am usually willing to spend a little bit more on them so that they last.

5. Styling

how to make an outfit less basic

Think carefully about how you style all your pieces when you put an outfit together. When you wear that plain white tee with your denim jeans will you just wear it as is or could you tuck in under your bra to create a loose crop top. Remember you always have options, and you don’t necessarily have to wear things how they were ‘intended’ to be worn. Think outside the box and experiment with your styling because you never know, you might be surprised with what you discover you like.

What’s you top tip to dressing less basic? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear some new ideas!

-Lisa xoxo

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