how to dress like bella hadid on a budget

Copy Her Style: How To Dress Like Bella Hadid On A Budget

If you have ever wondered how to dress like Bella Hadid on a budget you have come to the right place. Bellas style is pretty on point, it’s just so effortlessly cool and edgy. In this post I have taken some of my favourite looks of hers and recreated the outfits using affordable pieces that you can easily find on the high street. No high end unattainable designer goods here today I’m afraid.

You can usually count on this queen of street style to be wearing some y2k inspired pieces, her essentials often include the hottest pair of trainers and some striking shades. Look for simple items that have a twist such as a pair of tie dye denims, a plaid cardigan or a leather coord.

Unfortunately we aren’t blessed with endless designer goods so we can’t recreate these looks like her head to toe Dior outfit item for item. However! The high-street has numerous options and stocks what we want before we even know we want it.

how to dress like bella hadid on a budget

How To Dress Like Bella Hadid On A Budget…

1. Tie Dye and Leather

I just love the simplicity of this look but how cool she looks. The tie dye jeans are next level, and paired with a matching top to bring out the colour in the jeans is just perfect. Finish the look off with some shades and a leather blazer – which are totally versatile and can be paired with so many different outfits.

2. Print Trousers

Okay so it was kinda hard finding amazing patch work trousers just like Bellas so I found some affordable pairs that I know she would approve of! I also think she has a thing for butterflies because this bag is just too cute.

3. Cosy Monochromatic Beige

There is something so expensive looking about monochromatic looks. I love this look in particular which focuses on beige. Make sure to try and wear different textures in a monochromatic look to help create dimension and more interest – this is what will really elevate your outfit. The red sunglasses and the mini denim bag are great ways to break it up and add some colour too!

4. Leather Blazer

Back again with the leather blazer, but this time in a pop of colour. For the budget look you are better off going for a more neutral colour like brown that is going to be much more wearable and easy to pair with different outfits. What I love about Bellas style is that she pretty much always looks comfy which is something I am ALL for!

5. Long Leather Trench and Brogues

If you read my blog you probably already know how obssessed I am with leather trench coats – I literally never want this trend to go away. I am also really happy to see more brogues coming back in style. I used to wear them in school and them bring me so many fond memories.

Out of all of the looks which one would you wear? Is Bella Hadid one of your style inspirations or someone else? Let me know in the comments!

-Lisa xoxo

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