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6 Affordable Luxury Dupe Handbags

The designer bag scene is killing it at the moment – I don’t think I have ever wanted so many different bags. The only problem is that they don’t agree with my bank balance so I have been looking for luxury dupe handbags. And let me tell you now, you won’t be disappointed because I have found some absolute gems!

Earlier on this year we witnessed the Bottega Venetta show, models stormed the runway grasping at a series of woven purses. Particularly the ones in the 2020 Pre Fall collection are becoming a big hit with the fashionistas of the world. Designs of soft cloud shaped purses that are like a bubble of goodness have recently gained popularity, and for good reason. The simplicity of design makes them a modern classic that is spacious enough to carry all your junk.

We have the classic Dior Saddlebags which have been a huge hit. The equestrian inspired piece has been replicated across the board with many brands taking their own spin on this unique shape.

Then there are also the beautiful nylon Prada bags. These focus on the beauty of simplicity and come in a variety of shapes and styles, each just as stunning as the next.

There have been so many great bags to star in 2020, so I hope you find one of these luxury dupe handbags to suit you.

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Affordable Luxury Dupe Handbags

7 Affordable Luxury Dupe Handbags…

1. Bottega Venetta Padded Cassette Bag

The Padded Cassette Bag is simply gorgeous. It has a soft padded weave and a contrasted structured shape. It has a simple leather strap but is also available with a chunky gold chain and multiple colors.

The Dupes:

Topshop, Mango and several other brands use a weave design that emulates the Bottega Venetta Padded Cassette bag, meaning there are lots of other cheaper alternative if you want a similar look.

2. Bottega Ventta Chain Pouch

Aka the cloud bag. This has to be one of my current favs – it is such a fresh take on the shoulder bag. I love the softness of the bag itself and the opposition of the beefy chain.

The Dupes:

You can find great dupes for this bag on amazon and Miss Guided also do a cute metallic little number.

3. The Dior Saddle Bag

This iconic handbag is an unusual shape and you probably either love it or hate it, but it is definitely a grower. I for one love it!

The Dupes:

4. Prada Nylon Bag

Prada does gorgeous nylon bags (shoulder bags in particular). They are available in many colours with added silver hardware and logo. You can purchase it as a simple shoulder bag or the get a whole Pochette set which is great if you want the option of being able to wear it across your body.

The Dupes:

You can get some seriously good dupes for this piece, for a fraction of the price!

5. Gucci Marmot Shoulder Bag

The Gucci Marmot Shoulder Bag was another fav this year. The chevron quilting and recognisable metal hardware logo is what raises the bar on an otherwise simple design. This bag has a stand out quality but is also suitable for everyday wear.

The Dupes:

6. Jacquemus Mini Bag

The Jacquemus mini bag might be ridiculously small but it is also ridiculously adorable. Sport this tiny accessory for an evening look when your don’t need to carry much or just size up for more practical wear.

The Dupes:

7. Maxi BV Jodie

Honestly how could I not add another Bottega Venetta bag to the list? This sort of shape is very similar to their banana bag and croissant bag, so I shall be showing dupes inspired by the whole continental breakfast.

The Dupes:

What design bag dupes would you add to the list?

-Lisa xoxo

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