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I Found 5 Of The Best Pre Owned Luxury Bags Websites

I spent the morning researching and found 5 of the best pre owned luxury bags websites. Why? Because of sustainable fashion.

Sustainable fashion concerns not only fashion textiles and products, but their whole life cycle and industry. This includes how they are made from start to finish, what resources are used, how long they last and what happens to them when no one wants them.

As the year progresses I think that more and more people are recognising the importance of sustainable fashion. This is such an important movement. With the ever increasing rise of fast fashion I think it is about time we focused on how to make fashion more sustainable. We need to take steps towards being more sustainable and look after our planet better because no one else is going to do it for us. We need to be more responsible, so every step towards positive change no matter how small is a step in the right direction.

And that’s the brilliance of these pre owned luxury bags websites. They offer us an opportunity to buy and reuse pre-loved handbags that other wise might be on their way to the dump. And we don’t need more waste, especially with our ever growing population it is going to get much worse. I think we are so ignorant of the amount of waste caused by humans because we don’t see it. If it’s not on our door step we choose to ignore it.

Remember if you want to buy a designer bag make sure you go to a reputable website so that you can ensure the products authenticity. Hence these are the five best pre owned luxury bags websites I could find, so that you can remain stylish and sustainable.

The Best Pre Owned Luxury Bags Websites…

1. Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective is an online luxury marketplace for purchasing secondhand luxury and designer good. So it is not just limited to handbags, you can find a whole range of products on here. They are always updating their stock with an additional 3000 products being uploaded per day, so you have a great chance of finding what you want. All product purchases go through a strict authentication and quality control process so you can guarantee you are getting what you expect.

The Best Pre Owned Luxury Bags Websites

2. Rebag

Rebag as the name might give aways, specialises in the resale of designer bags. Rebag prides itself on having high in demand bags available on their site. So if you are looking for something on trend, this is the place to go. As well as selling online they have physical stores, so if you prefer to see handbags in person before you buy then this is great.

They offer a great scheme if you’re selling your own designer handbag, you can just straight out sell it, or you can exchange it, or opt for payment in Rebag Credit and earn 20% more. I think the credit scheme it amazing if you are looking to buy another designer bag at some point in the future because you can essential upgrade.

The Best Pre Owned Luxury Bags Websites

3. Fashionphile

Fashionphile used to just sell luxury pre owned handbags but now they also sell accessorise such as watches and jewellery. Founded in 1999 Fashionphile is one of the top secondhand luxury website and makes designer goods and rare items more accessible. If you want to buy something without commitment they have a buy back program so you can essential give back something is you decide it’s not for you. They also offer payment plans if you want to buy something and pay for it in installments which is perfect if you want a must have bag but don’t have the funds readily available just yet.

The Best Pre Owned Luxury Bags Websites

4. Bag Borrow Or Steal

I chose to add Bag Borrow Or Steal to the list because as well as offering luxury bags to buy, you can also rent handbags. This is perfect when you don’t actually want a long term commitment to a product. It is a great alternative to fast fashion because once you have finished with an item, someone else gets to use it.

The Best Pre Owned Luxury Bags Websites

5. The RealReal

The RealReal has aims to extend the life of luxury goods by selling pre owned designer items – “the future of fashion is circular”. This carefully curated site focuses on providing you with authentic luxury goods. Find everything from handbags, to accessories and clothing on here. What is great about The RealReal is that seem really seem to focus on and promote sustainability.

The Best Pre Owned Luxury Bags Websites

Do you buy designer products? Is so would you ever consider buying from one of these sites?

-Lisa xoxo

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