October 2020 Beauty Inspiration

Hey guys! Today I thought I would do something a little different. I want to start a monthly series where at the end of each month I will share my beauty inspiration for the next month. So since it is nearing the end of September I will be starting with the best month of the year (my birthday month) October!

October means crunchy leaves, vibrant red and orange trees, warm hot chocolates, chunky knit scarves, lots of layers, fresh air, pumpkins and a whole lot more!

I will be showing you some incredible inspirational makeup looks and telling you exactly why I have chosen to incorporate them into beauty ‘portfolio’ for October.

So let’s hope right to it!

Soft Natural Glam

October 2020 Beauty Inspiration

I haven’t been wearing makeup that much this year and normally I would wear it quite a lot. Especially now, being at home and working on my blog I don’t have much of a reason to wear makeup unless I am creating some content for my Instagram. I love wearing makeup but I don’t normally wear it unless I am going out, or if I want to practice and mess around with it for fun. So I think that going for a soft glam look is really appealing to me because after not wearing makeup much for so long I’ve gotten a bit lazy and want something more easy and simple.

Pop of Color

One thing I am really loving seeing at the moment is bright pops of neon color on the lid or inner corner. I definitely think I am going to try this with a wash of bright color on my lids (or inner corner) because it’s such a simple way of elevating your makeup look because your only focusing on one or two colors. You can then keep the rest of your makeup relatively simple not to draw any attention away.

October 2020 Beauty Inspiration

Blushing Beauty

A fresh beautiful fresh faced look for everyday wear is to wear a good amount of soft blush on your lids and cheeks. Bringing it up further on your cheeks, a dab across your nose / temples and a wash across your lids gives you a really fresh youthful look. Just gotta be careful not to go too heavy handed on the blush because I don’t want to look straight from the 80s.

October 2020 Beauty Inspiration

What beauty looks will you be sporting this October?

-Lisa xoxo

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