33 Most Flattering Eyeshadow Colors That Make Green Eyes Pop

Did you know that only 2% of the worlds population has green eyes? That’s pretty rare! I have green eyes myself so I thought I would start off with green eyes and work my way through other colors in future posts for this little series on recommended eyeshadow colors.

Do you know the eyeshadow colors that make green eyes pop? If not, your in the right place to find out and even if you do know I will be providing useful tips and recommending some of my favourite shades for different types of green eyes, so your sure to learn something new. Green eyed goddesses are lucky because the color contrasts so well with so many other shades from regal purples to fiery reds and everything in between.

Find the right eyeshadow that works for you is like finding that perfect pair of jeans that fit like a glove, hug you in all the right places accentuating your curves. Trust me, you will be obsessed with it and never want to take it off! And why would you? Your eyes will be mesmerising…

In this post I will talk a little bit about color theory and the types of shadows that work best for different shades. I will also be recommending some of the best eyeshadow colors that make green eyes pop. Whether your love strong smokey shades, statement colors or soft angelic tones, there will be something of your taste to complement your gorgeous green eyes.

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    Eyeshadow Colors That Make Green Eyes Pop…

    Color Theory

    To understand which colors complement our lovely green eyes we need to look at the color wheel.

    Eyeshadow colors that make green eyes pop
    Color Wheel

    What we want to look at are the colors opposite to our eye color, the colors opposite will be the most complementary. In the case of green it will be reddish tones. In fact we want to focus on anything in the purple to red to orange spectrum because they all contain hues of red. Since these colors are so contrasting to green, they will really make your eyes of emerald pop!

    The Best Eyeshadow Color For Your Shade Of Green

    1. Golden Green Eyes

    Golden Green Eyes are beautiful! Bring out the gold flecks with gold eyeshadow or a multi-dimensional eyeshadow with gold in it. Use a darker gold shade for more of a smokey look.

    2. Hazel Green Eyes

    Hazel Green Eyes have gorgeous brownish tones that melt perfectly with the green in their eyes. Go for rich plumy shades to bring out both the brown and the green in your eyes – hypnotic!

    3. Grey Green Eyes

    Grey Green Eyes are often cooler toned. Use a rosey or mauvey shade of purple to lift and brighten your eyes whilst complementing the grey and green colors.

    4. Blue Green Eyes

    Blue Green Eyes are deep and intense like the ocean! Wearing bronze and copper colors really make the blue pop and complement the green perfectly.

    5. Green Green Eyes

    Green Green Eyes are the greenest of the green, think emerald or forest green. Go for intense reds and browns or cool purples either will look amazing on true green eyes.

    Eyeshadow Recommendations

    When it comes to picking what eyeshadow you want to wear, as long as you pick a shade within the purple-pink-red-orange specturm you can be sure that your eyes with pop. The eyeshadow suggestions for different shades of green I mentioned above are just that – suggestions. You don’t have to follow any rules when playing with eyeshadow and makeup, you wear what makes you feel good and you what like.

    My eyes are more grey green and for me personally I love wearing anything purple, reds, reddish browns and orangey browns. I tend to stay away from cooler colors and especially silvers, they don’t do anything for me. I love warmer colors and metallics with flecks of gold like rose gold or copper.

    So below are some of the best eyeshadows perfect for green eyes. So experiment to find your favourite shade and what works for you.

    Out of all the eyeshadow colors that make green eyes pop what works best for you? Have you any tips I missed?

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