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18 Brilliant Ideas On How To Keep Makeup Organized

We all know how easy it is to mess up our makeup collections. You tidy everything, then the next time you use products the mess monster appears again, each time the clutter seems to get progressively worse. So I have come up with 18 brilliant ideas on how to keep makeup organized. These are some of the best makeup storage tips to help tidy up your vanity, keeping it cute yet practical.

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The BEST TIPS On How To Keep Makeup Organized…

1. Plant Pot Brush Holder

A great creative way of storing your makeup brushes is by using a small plant pot as a brush holder. You can find tons of cute cheap pots in different designs and colours so you are sure to find something you like.

How To Keep Makeup Organized - Plant pot brush holder

2. DIY Perfume Rack

Okay, so this one is genius. You can easily store your perfume by getting a spice rack and using it as a perfume stand. This is a great way of saving space when trying to find a good way to organize your beauty products instead of having bottles all over the place. Remember think of all of these ideas as versatile, use them in a way that suits you. For instance you could use the spice rack to store nail polish of body lotions!

 How To Keep Makeup Organized - perfume spice rack

3. Eyeshadow Palette Stand

Or any makeup palette for that matter! All you need is a magazine stand and it will fit your eyeshadow palettes in perfectly. You would almost think they are designed for it.

How To Keep Makeup Organized - palette stand

4. Nail Polish Display

Make up is beautiful so why not show off your nail polish collection by keeping them on a cute cake stand. This makes it super easy to pick out which varnish colour you want. No more clutter draws of polish please!

How To Keep Makeup Organized - nail polish stand

5. Mason Jars

Mason jars both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Being made out of glass it makes it easy to spot and pick our what ever your storing in them. Some of our favourite ways to use mason jars to organize our makeup collection is to hold our brushes, lipliners, eyeliners, lip balms and cotton buds.

How To Keep Makeup Organized- mason jars

6. Acrylic Makeup Drawers

You know those clear acrylic drawers you would find in the stationary section of a shop? Well they double up as an amazing makeup storage solution. Instead of storing your papers and file, fill them will your foundations, powders and bronzers. What ever you can fit really. The great thing about them is you can jam pack them with products and it’s still easy to find what your looking for because they are clear.

How To Keep Makeup Organized - acrylic drawers

7. Hang Your Hair Styling Tools

Use sticky coat or towel hangers and attach them to the inside of a cupboard door or wall. Then you can wrap the cords of your hair styling tools around and hang them up. This is a fantastic way of tidying up all those messy wires.

How To Keep Makeup Organized - hang tools

“Some of the very best makeup storage tips are the simplest”

8. Eyeshadow Trays

One of my top makeup storage tips for organizing single eyeshadows is to use eyecube trays. They are the ideal size for holding single eyeshadows and compact enough to put multiply ones in your draws – whatever works best.

How To Keep Makeup Organized - ice cube eyeshadow trays

9. Lipstick Divder

Lipstick dividers are essential if you want to keep your lipsticks super organized. They provide structure enabling you to colour code you lip products and there’s no rolling around so they’ll always be in the same place. All making it very easy to find what you’re looking for.

How To Keep Makeup Organized - lipstick divider

10. Simple Tray

A great way for storing products on your vanity so that they are still easily accessible is to use trays. Trays that are dedicated to certain products keeps you beauty space much more organized. You can find tons of cute trays and don’t be afraid to use trays that were originally intended for food – there are no rules we need to be sticking to!

How To Keep Makeup Organized - tray

11. The Lazy Tray

Store all of your hair products on a lazy susan (a spinning tray) so you can grad your hairspray, dry shampoo and hair protectors with ease.

How To Keep Makeup Organized - lazy susan

12. Makeup Door Hanging

A fastastic space saving way to store all your makeup collection and beauty products is in a shoe rack that hangs off of the back of your door. This is perfect for when you want to organise your makeup in a small space because it completely eliminates an clutter.

How To Keep Makeup Organized - door haning

13. Magnetic Makeup Frame

A simple and stylish way of displaying your makeup. This is ideal for smaller makeup collections or as a way to organize your essential beauty products that you use everyday. All you need is your frame of choice, some magnets and glue to create this easy grab and go system.

How To Keep Makeup Organized - frame

14. Shelving Shrine

By mounting some shelves if you don’t already have some you can dedicate a whole space to your makeup collection. This offers a spacious way of storing your products where you can really tailor the lay of your collection to work for you. Plus it looks fabulous!

How To Keep Makeup Organized - shelving

15. Makeup Cart

Use a cute cart to store and organize your cosmetics if you want a handy portable system. No more too-ing and fro-ing around the house to get your makeup done!

How To Keep Makeup Organized - cart

16. Candle Holders

When you’ve finished your candles, don’t throw the pretty jar / holder out. Instead wash and clean it with warm soapy water and reuse it to hold all your beauty products.

How To Keep Makeup Organized - candle holder

17. Containers For Larger Products

Use larger storage containers such as pictures below for storing your larger beauty products such as hairspray. Then slide them under to bed or keep them in the cupboard to reduce clutter.

How To Keep Makeup Organized - basket

18. Wine Holder For Bottles

Use a wine holder to keep all your larger bottles and sprays in. This is a unique way to organizing your beauty products.

How To Keep Makeup Organized - wine bottle

What’s your favourite makeup storage and organisation tip / hack?! Let me know in the comments, I’d love to know!



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