Genius Pinterest Approved Apartment Decorating On A Budget – 10+ Ideas!

Who else ogles over all of the stylish apartment interiors on Pinterest? It can’t just be me right?! The only problem is that I can’t afford half the designer furniture and decorations used. So I did a bit of research and found some AMAZING pinterest approved apartment decorating on a budget products and ideas. Products that can help elevate your apartment without breaking the bank. Trust me when I say these are some genius ways to create a beautiful apartment on a budget that you would be able to find on some of the best pinterest boards.

I scoured pinterest for some inspired interior designs for apartment makeover inspiration. I chose some of my favourite chic apartment interiors as design inspiration and from there went on the hunt for some brilliantly cheap and easy apartment decorations that will elevate your home without the huge price tag.

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Pinterest Approved Apartment Decorating On A Budget…

Cosy Scandi Inspired Living Room – Low Budget Apartment Decor

Pinterest Approved Apartment Decorating Ideas On A Budget - Scandi Living Room

One of my favourite interior styles at the moment is that effortlessly cool Scandi vibe. Think natural materials such as hard wood floor, wicker and raw materials.

One of the key features in this room has to be the neutral colour palette which create this light and airy feel. Paired with contrasting textures such as with the thick, soft blankets, pillows and rug which creates a lot of interest and are perfect for low budget apartment decor.

A soft in monochromatic tones and a simple pattern such as chevron is perfect for pulling the living room together. You can easily give your apartment living room a makeover by just adding a simple statement rug – making it perfect for when your on a tight budget. These rugs have great prices for their quality and size and are versatile enough that if you decide to change your apartment decor again, they will work will with other interior design styles.

A natural wood table with black metal hardware really works perfectly with the Scandi interior design because it focuses on simplicity, quality and functionality of the table without distraction. I love these affordable coffee tables that are also a great size so fit well in small apartments.

When designing interior for small apartment spaces having a mirror can really help open up the room, creating space and bringing in light.

Finally Accessories! Cheap and easy apartment decorating ideas would’t be complete without them. The key to decorating any apartment on a budget because there are great cheap finds that are small and easy to add to any room.

Contemporary Kitchen Interior Design – Low Budget Apartment Decor

Pinterest Approved Apartment Decorating Ideas On A Budget - Contemporary Kitchen

The fact that we spend most of our time in the kitchen is a strong indicator that it should be a great space that you feel comfortable in. I love this contemporary design. The natural materials paired with green plants is a great way to bring some positive energy and life into a space. Keep it simple with gold accent and declutter by only keeping essentials – everything should have a purpose.

These plank shelves create space and are a fantastic way to add storage – perfect for pots, pans and kitchen utensils. You can find them in so many pinterest inspired interiors and can be used any room in your apartment.

To keep the room bright having an open lampshade is a great way of dispersing the light across the room.

The Rustic Bathroom – Low Budget Apartment Decor

Pinterest Approved Apartment Decorating Ideas On A Budget - Rustic Bathroom

I think bathrooms over tend to get neglected when it comes to apartments and I think it is probably because most of us are renting, so in actuality there is not much we can physically change. BUT… we can add and you can easily do a bathroom makeover on a budget.

A great way to elevate your apartment bathroom is by changing the small fittings i.e. towel holder, cupboard handles and loo roll holders. I absolutely love changing cupboard handles because it is such a simple and easy to execute interior design.

If you have room, adding a magazine stand or small stool for a plant is always a good idea, or even use a hanging macrame plant holder to free up the floor space. These are great ways to make a pretty boring space more interesting and dynamic.

Luxurious Pink and Green Bedroom – Low Budget Apartment Decor

Pinterest Approved Apartment Decorating Ideas On A Budget - Pink and Green Luxurious Bedroom

This pink and green colour combos has to be one of my favourites at the moment, I simply love it!

A super easy and cheap way to decorate your bedroom and make it look more expensive is to add lots of textures – mainly through pillows, a throw, rug and even with plants and a new headboard.

I found some of the ultimate and affordable accessories that will elevate your bedroom instantly!

This peel and stick wallpaper is perfect for making your feature wall because it is easy to use and removable – perfect for renters!

You can never go wrong with a thick and luxurious duvet cover for your apartment makeover.

Clothing Rail Decoration – Low Budget Apartment Decor

Pinterest Approved Apartment Decorating Ideas On A Budget - clothing corner // bedroom

A great way to revamp your bedroom for your apartment makeover is to make the clothes you already own part of the decoration. Not only does it look cute but it’s quite satisfying seeing your clothes all organised 😉

It’s so easy to do, all you need is a clothing rail!

Then accessorise the area as you see fit.

Let me know in the comment what your favourite pinterest approved apartment decorating on a budget ideas are: I think my fav has to be how easy it is to elevate your home with just pillows and throws.

Until next time!


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