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26 Top Women’s Gifts AMAZON – Under $50

6 of the top women’s gifts Amazon has to offer ALL for under $50. Remove the stress from shopping with this ultimate holiday gift guide.

Christmas is one of my favourite times of year – although they haven’t been that great in recent years I think that this one will be better because I get to spend it at home with my family.

Christmas makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, I love everything about it. The glistening decorations, the frosty mornings, the smell of pine, the taste of mince pies with cream, the feeling of being wrapped up all nice and cosy. The list could go on but I won’t. Instead I will show you a list of the top women’s gifts on Amazon that will make your holiday that extra bit special.

Discover top gift ideas and choose the best gifts for everyone on your list. These are fool-proof presents that you can’t go wrong with so keep scrolling to find out what’s hot this year…



ow can you make an outfit less basic? But before we start, what does basic even mean?

Urban Dictionary defines basic as being ‘only interested in things mainstream, popular or trending. I am using this word to mean normal, ordinary, plain – something not really interesting. So how do we make our wardrobe more ‘less basic’? We want what we wear to be a reflection of who we are and this can be hard especially since majority of people probably get most of their clothes from the same range of shops. But it is easier than you think to tweak your wardrobe so it expressed the real you and it won’t break the bank! Keep reading to see how you can make an outfit less basic…

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